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Spreading the joy of Yoga,

the strengthening and support of Pilates,

and the pure bliss of Sound Healing

Here you'll find lots of information about my classes and the different styles of Yoga, Pilates & Sound Healing I teach. Have a look below and if you need more information have a look below, or get in touch with me.

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Susan Farrell Pilates
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Susan Farrell Wellness






Mondays Classes
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10.30 am

This is a mixed levels class. In this class we still go through the fundamentals and basic movements, and progress on to more advanced moves. Modifications are given for beginners. This class is hosted by The Gym Howth. for bookings you can contact

Pilates online
1pm - 45 mins 

This class is suitable for complete beginners. we focus on the principles of pilates and go through all the fundamentals, ensuring you tone, strengthen and stretch your body in a safe way. This class will help you improve posture, muscle strength and back pain. This is a mat class with no props required.

Hatha Flow Yoga in Applewood Community Centre
8pm - 50 mins 

This class is a mixed levels class, also suitable for beginners. We start with a breathing meditation and move slowly through the poses and the transitions between the poses, moving with the breath in a meditative flow. The class ends with a long relaxation, leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated. 


Hatha Yoga
10.30am - 60 mins 

In this class you will move your body slowly and deliberately into poses that challenge your strength and flexibility while focusing on relaxation, mindfulness and breathing techniques. this mixed levels class is hosted by The Gym Howth. To book or log on to

Classical Pilates online 
7pm - 60 mins 

This is a sequence of 34 moves created by Joseph Pilates, designed to bring the body through its full range of movement logically and appropriately. We start with some basic poses, then progress to other challenging exercises when warmed up and ready. At the end of the class, you will feel rejuvenated and strong!

Tuesdays Classes



Beginners Pilates
10am - 1 hr 

This class emphasises proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance. It is suitable for  complete beginners. Pilates is a method of low impact flexibility, muscular strength and endurance movements. in this class we focus on the fundamentals and priciples of pilates, preparing you for a stronger practice.  This class is hosted by Vibe Yoga, Donabate. for bookings please log on to 

Slow Flow 
7.30pm - 60 mins 

This is a level 1 class, suitable for beginners. In a slow flow yoga class, poses are done with deliberation and calm at a meditative pace.. The poses are held for longer and breathing is intentional with slow transitions, which can be challenging. This class is hosted by Hot Yoga Dublin. For more info and to book see


Wednesdays Classes

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
6pm - 60 mins 

This is a vinyasa flow for mixed levels. We move through the postures with a particular focus on linking to the breath. Every class has a different focus, and starts with breath-work or meditation and ends with a short relaxation. This class is hosted by Hot Yoga Dublin. To book see 

Pilates for Beginners
8 pm - 50 mins   Applewood Community Centre

This class is for complete beginners. We focus on the principles and fundamentals of Pilates. We start with breathwork and position of the spine and pelvis, I guide you through exercises that will strengthen and stretch the entire body in a safe way. If you have never done Pilates before, this is a very important and beneficial class to start with and will set the foundation for a stronger practice. 



Thursdays Classes
Heading 5
Heading 5
Heading 5


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Yin Yoga online
1.00 pm - 60 mins

IIn Yin Yoga the poses are held for 3 to % minutes. Yin targets the deeper layers of connective tissue surrounding the joints and also promotes and maintains joint mobility. it encourages the nervous system to settle, quieting the mind. We end with a long relaxation. after this class you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated! 

6.00 pm 60 mins

This is a mat Pilates class to target the whole body, build strength and help prevent injury. It is suitable for mixed levels including beginners. We use props which are provided to make the class fun and interesting so it is different every time! this class is hosted by Vibe Yoga Donabate. For information and bookings please visit

Yin with Yoga Nidra
7.30 pm - 6o mins

In Yin yoga, we hold the poses for 3/5 mins depending on the pose. We are targeting the layers of soft tissue around the joints, which is neglected in other forms of Yoga, keeping them healthy and hydrated. We start the class with a breathing meditation and end with a 20-minute yoga Nidra (deep relaxation). At the end I play tibetan bowls and gongs, to enhance this experience of relaxation and help with stress and fatigue. This blissful class is hosted by

Fridays Classes

What others say...

“As a Pilates teacher Susan is simply amazing. She has helped me to find a true passion for Pilates and helped me and adapted classes for me around certain health issues. She is a lovely person, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend

her wonderful classes.”


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