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About Me...

Susan is from Swords, Co. Dublin and has had an interest in health and well-being from a young age.  Curiosity drew her to her first yoga class at the age of 17, but she, like many, was mainly interested in the physical benefits at first. The teacher talked a lot and she did enjoy the philosophy, but after an 8 week course she didn't go back. About 10 years later she turned to yoga when she hoped it would help with her anxiety. At this point It became an integral part of her life. Susan went on to train in Dietetics, Reflexology and Indian head massage.


It was in 2006 after a stressful time in which she found her Yoga practice very beneficial  that she decided to do her initial 500hr teacher training with Yoga Therapy Ireland (YTI). Later, Susan then went back to YTI to do a Yoga Therapy Course. In 2018 she decided to update her skills with a 300hr training with Bryce Yoga at the Hot Yoga Dublin studio. She also did her Yin teacher training there with Josh Summers. Susan went to her first Pilates class in 2016, after having avoided it for years and couldn't believe how strong she felt and how it really helped her with her Yoga practice. So She did her Pilates teacher training with PTTI in 2018.


“I first went to yoga to help with stress and anxiety. The best stress relief is bringing yourself in to the present moment. In both Yoga and Pilates you are so immersed in the concentration and precision of what you are doing that you forget about time and everything going on in the outside world and stay in the pleasure of the moment. This is why I practice, this is why I bring all these benefits to my students. I like to think that when people leave my classes they feel that they have been challenged, but feel relaxed and revitalised.”


Susan is always learning and expanding her knowledge and has a particular interest in the therapeutic side of Yoga and Pilates. 'This is what lead me to Sound healing. In 2017 I went to my first sound bath session and it was life changing. Sound bath is an incredible tool for healing anxiety and finding a place of calm and centering. Everything in life is energy vibrating including the physical body. The vibration of the bowls are specially tuned to resonate with the vibration of your body and it recalibrates you.


It struck me that it would be very helpful for people who struggle to meditate. All you have to do is lie back and immerse yourself in the sound and vibration of the bowls and enjoy the benefits including deep relaxation, an increase in focus and clarity and stress relief.” Susan has recently completed her level 3 training with Nadabrahma Health Academy.


In her spare time Susan enjoys chilling with a good book, loves reality TV, and is on the fundraising team with Chernobyl Children International. This is a cause she is very passionate about, who support children and families suffering from the effects of the Chernobyl disaster which occurred in 1986. She goes on volunteer trips to an orphanage in Belarus with this charity once a year.


What others say...

“As a Pilates teacher Susan is simply amazing. She has helped me to find a true passion for Pilates and helped me and adapted classes for me around certain health issues. She is a lovely person, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend

her wonderful classes.”


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